November 13, 2015

What am I feeling grateful for?  My colleagues in the English department!

I’m teaching World Literature this year, and this is a new class for me. For the past couple years, I was teaching British Literature, and just when I feel like I had figured out that curriculum and routine, I switched. As a teacher, I like that. Changing curriculum and age groups keeps a teacher learning and thinking about pedagogy, literature, writing, and the many, many other aspects of working with students. As Mr. Stoneman said at Fall Family Weekend, we need to keep trying new things to stretch and develop a vision for ourselves.

But it’s still hard.

Getting to work with teachers who share their work, share their ideas, and share their energy made this switch an exciting one for me. Thanks especially to Mr. Peck, Mr. Frankenfield, Dr. V., and Mr. Scheel for all the support, inspiration, advice, and feedback over the years!

 - Ms. Courtney Cavellier



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