8th Graders’ Cannon River STEM School Reflections

November 03, 2015

On October 30th, the 8th grade class went to the nearby Cannon River STEM School to help with the kindergarten class. Throughout the school year, they will build relationships with the kindergartners through ongoing visits to the charter school.
Here are some reflections from our 8th graders. 

I love how we get to go to the Cannon River STEM School. When I went this last Friday, I met this adorable little girl in one of the kindergarten classes we went to. She was so happy to have an older person with her. When the teacher turned the lights off to switch the activity, the little girl with me said she was afraid of the dark and hugged me until the lights were back on. When we left the class, she held my hand as I led her back to her seat and gave me a hug. She was the one who made my day a lot better. I can’t wait to see her again. 

-Maddi Politoski ’20

My experience at the Stem School was very fun and an experience to help little kids with work that may be difficult for them. What I noticed from my little buddy is that she was very kind and helpful. My little buddy always thanked me after giving her a high five. She also was very intelligent with her syllables. She knew how many syllables were in almost every word I tested her on. My buddy showed that she really had fun with the 8th grade around her. The 8th grade made all the students have a smile on their face. Some students even cried because we left them. I hope to do this again.
 - Sam Zelazny ’20

I had a wonderful time helping with the kindergarteners. The activities were fun to help with - one of the activities we did was making a headband with words that rhyme. We also did the daily five with our little buddies. Another activity we did was make an alphabet strip. My little buddies were very enthusiastic about everything. Helping with the kindergarteners was interesting because you get to know them really well. It was really nice to go and volunteer. I had a amazing time volunteering at the Stem School.
 - Emma Sawicki ’20




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