More 8th Grade Reflections

November 04, 2015

On October 30th, the 8th grade class went to the nearby Cannon River STEM School to help with the kindergarten class. Throughout the school year, they will build relationships with the kindergartners through ongoing visits to the charter school.
Here are some reflections from our 8th graders. 

The STEM School is truly a special place. The kids are warm-hearted and ready to learn. My buddy was a blast. Jax was fun, entertaining, and super ready to learn. I wanted to cry when I leave just like today. His hugs are warm and he makes me feel like a dad in some ways. But the cutest thing was when I sat down to say “hi” he ran and hugged me.

Helping the school also makes me feel good because I know I’m making someone’s day better, just by doing this little work. Whether it’s organizing some vocab cards or helping little kids read, I always know I’m helping someone. Then once I leave, Jax’s reaction is truly heartwarming. I said that I have to go. He ran, hugged me, and asked me to stay. I gave him a hug and I was off, turning back to see him start to cry. My time at the STEM School was truly a great experience.

 - Greg Japchen ’20 


At the STEM School I went to two different kindergarten classes and did activities with some of the kids. Some examples were learning motions to go along with the ABC’s and doing an activity to help them remember the order of the alphabet. In another class my buddy did a game with one of the classroom tablets and I helped her when she did not understand certain words. She later chose the reading station and read to me. It was fun to hang out with the kids and remember what it was like to be in kindergarten again. The kids seemed excited about what we were doing and that we came. I look forward to going again.

 - Victoria Moullin ’20


This last Friday, my classmates and I had the rewarding opportunity to visit the STEM School and help out some kindergarteners. My time there consisted of helping a boy write lower and upper case S’s and sorting prefix and suffix cards into envelopes. I found working with the kindergartener fun, I enjoy helping and working with younger children, as they are so curious and eager to learn new things. I remember when I was that age; it was so cool to be around teens. They were like gods to me. So for me it’s cool to be looked up to. Although sorting the prefixes and suffixes was boring, at least I was helping others, which is never a bad thing.  All in all, I had a good time helping out at the STEM School.  

 - Noah Black ’20



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