More 8th Grade STEM School Reflections

November 06, 2015

On October 30th, the 8th grade class went to the nearby Cannon River STEM School to help with the kindergarten class. Throughout the school year, they will build relationships with the kindergartners through ongoing visits to the charter school.
Here are some reflections from our 8th graders. 

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with little children and always wanted to take care of them. My mom would always take care of my little neighbor who was a baby. I considered her my sister. I would always ask to hold her and teach her new things.

Going to the STEM School was very fun for me and was a flash back to the past. I was able to teach kids how to write the letter “S” as well as how many syllables there were in a word. My little buddy was such a sweet little boy; I helped him before and was glad to be paired with him again. He made me smile when he ran up and greeted me and said my name. The children there are so sweet. They all have a good time helping each other and showing off their new reading skills. They are always ready to learn and are intrigued by their big buddies and how much they know. I am excited to go back and see them all again and help them learn once more!

 - Abby Walker ’20


So far my experience at the STEM School has been fantastic. I love helping the kids and the school. It is a blast doing activities with my buddy, Keaton. He is a quiet kid but I love doing things with him. He is an unbelievably bright kid who loves learning new things. One of the things I like about going the most is that I get to see my buddy learn every day. The kids have a chance to learn something every day. They give all of the kids a chance to learn and I love that environment. It has been a blast to work at the STEM School and I’m excited to continue doing it.
 - AJ Hodges ’20


The eighth grade went to the STEM School this past Friday. We first got to go into a kindergarten class and go to different learning stations with our “buddies.” Whenever I go into the STEM School and get paired up with a buddy, I walk into the classroom and find which kid I want. I see which kid looks most like me as a kindergartner, and choose that kid. Then, when they say “you can go choose you buddies now,” and the kid I want comes up to me, I know it’s destiny. Anyway, we got to go to different learning stations, like reading center, listening center, learn to write, and word work. My buddy wanted to go to listening center, and then we had to leave, so, sorry kid. 

 - Katie Johnson ’20




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