More 8th Grade Reflections

November 10, 2015

On October 30th, the 8th grade class went to the nearby Cannon River STEM School to help with the kindergarten class. Throughout the school year, they will build relationships with the kindergartners through ongoing visits to the charter school.
Here are some reflections from our 8th graders. 


My visits to the Stem School have been absolutely amazing every time I have gone. The first time I only worked with a girl named Isabelle. Isabelle and I made matching bracelets for one of her projects. It was so adorable the way she quickly ran to show her teacher the bracelets. When I had to leave, I was very surprised when she came over to me and gave me a hug. The second time, I worked with another class first. The little girl I was working with was named Hannah. She was very independent, but seemed to like that I was watching her play ABC mouse. She was so happy when she was explaining how I was supposed to color the rainbow. After working with Hannah, I got to work with Isabelle again. I felt so happy that she remembered me.

 - Emma Travis ’20


On October 30, we went to Stem School. This was our second time going. When we got there we went to a room we haven’t been before, with four and five year-olds. We read books to them, played on IPads, and wrote out letters. My buddy’s name was Payton and she really like Frozen, the Disney movie. For Halloween she was Elsa. Later on in the day, we sang the ABCs. The buddy I had last time remembered me and gave me a big hug. Her name was Sylvia and she was 5 years-old. The last time we were with them we made bracelets. This time we made headbands of the ABCs. I had a lot of fun working at the Stem School and I can’t wait for the next time!

 - Makenna Webster ’20


On the 30th of October, my classmates and I went to the STEM School to help the younger students read and write. The first thing I did was make a matching game with a few of my classmates. We made sure that there were no missing pieces. When we walked into the classroom, the kids were happy to see us. As a whole group, we sang the alphabet and we used a small activity with it. When we were one on one with our buddies, we helped them list the alphabet from A to M and we also colored in the letters. Going to the STEM School was fun and it benefits the kids a lot.

 - Elliott Idehen ’20





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