8th Grade Kindergarten Helpers

November 11, 2015

On October 30th, the 8th grade class went to the nearby Cannon River STEM School to help with the kindergarten class. Throughout the school year, they will build relationships with the kindergartners through ongoing visits to the charter school.
Here are some reflections from our 8th graders. 

I love gong to the STEM school. It’s has been one of the most fun activities that I’ve been able to participate in at SSM. The last time I went I got paired up with a kid that was hilarious. We worked on a lot of grammar and then sat down with other kids to listen to the Hungry Caterpillar. It was like stepping back in time, but I got to do it with another little kid. After we were done at our first station, we went back to the kindergarten class. In that class I literally found myself back in kindergarten. It was like looking in the mirror, my buddy almost has same personality that I did, so we really connected. I had a lot of fun and really hope to visit again soon.

- Kade Reese ’20


I thought that the STEM school trip was fun. The kids were very excited for us to visit and eager to show off what they had learned so far in kindergarten so far! It was fun to read and play word games with the kids, they seemed to like it a lot. We have been with two classes of Kindergarten so far, and one of the classes was learning their ABCs. The students cut out, colored, and glued the letters of the alphabet to make their very own alphabet strip. In the other class we did the “Daily 5” with the kids. They had a choice of working on reading, writing, word work, iPads or on the Smartboard. My kindergartner and I focused on reading and word work. For the word work we played a syllable game, where you had to find the amount of syllables in a word, then place it in the correct categories of syllables. Going to the STEM school was really fun!

- Charlotte Sanders Burdis ’20


I went to STEM school to be a buddy for kindergarteners. When I sat next to Sanji, a kindergartener, she smiled happily. When Sanji and I were doing activities, I asked her favorite activity. She said she liked reading to others. I thought she was good at reading, she could even pronounce some difficult work. When I looked at her, she made me think of my little cousin. I also learned she was a very polite, caring and sweet student. When a boy asked if he could borrow colored pencils, she said he could use all of them. I think she is about as sweet as honey. 

- Lydia Park ’20

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