Annie & The SSM Stage Reviews

November 16, 2015

From November 5th to the 7th SSM presented the famed play, Annie, on our stage. After attending the play or acting in it, various 7th graders from Mr. McKinley’s class wrote reviews. Enjoy!

The play, Annie was packed with fun and excitement. From Daddy Warbucks singing about whether or not to adopt Annie to Pepper screaming at Molly, it was great! Fully dressed was one of my favorite aspects from the play because, the cast got to be over dramatic, which was really fun. A well-choreographed scene was NYC, because all of the movements were sharp and on a certain count. The actors and actresses heads snapped from one place to another. The best part of the play was getting to work with the cast. All of them were devoted to their character, and it was refreshing to see someone love something as much as I do. Overall the play was phenomenal.

- Kati Quigg ’21


I attended Annie on Friday and the play went very smooth. The play was funny, and sad like the movie. Shayna was the perfect person to cast as Miss Hannigan! Then on Saturday I went with my mom and friends. Unfortunately it did not go as smoothly as the first showing. When they were transitioning to the scene NYC the curtain didn’t cover the orphanage background so you could see it. Then when Sandy is taken by the police officer and then let go, she was supposed to run towards Annie. However she instead bolted off the stage. My favorite scene was when Drake let the Mudges in and said merry a lot of times in a “we know what you’re up to” way. My second favorite scene was when Annie and Mr. Warbucks were on the radio. 

- Teagan Langevin ’21


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