January 15, 2016

During the holidays I am grateful for time I get to spend with my family. Although we fight more then we should, by the end of break I am really ready to go back to school, I realize that people grow up and less time is available to spend with each other.

My older sister is going off to college next year and I am actually nervous about how often I will get to see her when she goes away. I’m not sure if she will come home. I’ve realized that’s a part of life, I might not see her as much as I would like to, but family holds a special place in your heart.


A tradition in our family is that on Christmas Eve everyone on my mom’s side of the family gets together. We laugh, eat, and open presents. However, the holiday isn’t just about that. It is about appreciating what you have, who you share it with, and loving every second that goes by. I wish everyday was a holiday. It seems to make people have more open and kind hearts. 

- Lisa Lilyerd ’19