From Iced Tea to Ice Hockey

October 13, 2014

From Ms. Jana MacQueen, Gift Administrator/Donor Relations Alumni office, and parent.

Being a south Texan the only ice I was familiar with was the kind I put in my iced tea. I now see ice from a new perspective. As I sit in the “Barn” or in the “New Rink” I find myself so inspired by the skating and the stick handling talents of the young men and women. (I have only acquired these evaluation skills by sitting hours upon hours watching this game).  As a parent of a hockey player I know how many hours goes into perfecting these skills.

I am also inspired by the SSM fans. The student section lately has been such a joy to watch as they cheer on their fellow classmates and friends. What a wonderful place to be to find inspiration, energy and pure excitement for the sport. I am a true fan of the Sabre hockey teams. 

And I can say ice hockey is one of my favorite games, even for a south Texan and her sweet “iced” tea.


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Location: “The Barn” Ice Arena