Tastes Like Chicken – Really!

October 09, 2014

From Mr. John Blackmer, Science Department Chair

While enjoying the fall colors that are now spreading across our beautiful campus, one might notice this attractive, newly sprouting fungi along the trunks of the trees near the Arch.  

Gorgeous to observe, these fungi are even tastier to eat! The flesh is firm and can be cooked in any manner one would use to cook chicken breast meat, and it tastes like it, too. For this reason this mushroom is also known as “chicken-of-the-woods”  or simply the “chicken mushroom” and is considered one of the choicest wild mushrooms to eat amongst fungi enthusiasts. They adorn a number of our campus trees each fall and occasionally seem to disappear overnight – a sure sign that someone in the area is enjoying a few distinctive autumn meals.

(Warning: always use caution when eating wild mushrooms and seek professional advice before doing so.)


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Location: West Arch House