Backwards or Forwards?

October 08, 2014

From Ms. Hannah Sobol, weCreate and Blended Learning Coordinator

The question started on the chalkboard in weCreate: Would you rather go backwards in time and meet your ancestors or go forwards and meet your great grandchildren?

I got a healthy mix of answers. People I asked seemed pretty well divided. My own first response was that I would go forward to see what I should be doing now to prevent future disasters, rude great grandchildren, etc… The reasons for going in either direction were incredibly compelling, and left me flip flopping. I heard that some would like to meet their relatives at Ellis Island, others wanted to know who they would marry.

But then someone told me that they wouldn’t pick either. They would stay right where they are because going backward or forward would interfere with the present. This insight from a 7th grader was a much needed reminder to appreciate this moment, right now.


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