ScholarShift Stories: Students Explore U.S. Electoral System

September 14, 2016

Students explore the history and function of the U.S electoral system through a three-session experiential module.

History instructor Joan Lewis-Osborne led several SSM students through a three-session module that explores the history and function (and dysfunction) of the U.S. electoral system.

Students examined the pros and cons of the American electoral college system, viewed the documentary “Electoral Dysfunction,” hosted by political humorist and former Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocca, and created general campaign posters for each participating 2016 election party. The group also conducted research on how the U.S electoral system compares to systems in other countries.

Friday’s final module session included a meeting with Patti Fritz, a local Minnesota House of Representatives candidate for District 24B, which includes portions of Dodge, Steele, and Rice counties. Fritz also served in the role from 2004-2014. Students also met with Minnesota State Senator Vicki Jensen.

Following the module, students will have the opportunity to pursue a variety of culminating projects ahead of the fall elections, involving local get out the vote efforts and work with several area campaigns.

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