SSM Community Members Who Inspire

September 19, 2016

SSM seniors identify who inspires them on campus.

We asked Shattuck-St. Mary’s seniors to reflect on a faculty or staff member in the SSM community who inspires them, and feature several of their responses below.

Someone who inspires me at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School is Mrs. Mary Weaver. Mrs. Weaver works at the front office, and I met her when I first came to Shattuck two years ago for a visit. She works very hard and does a lot of work for the whole school, but in particular, the figure skating team. Mrs. Weaver inspires me through her seemingly unending compassion. Whenever I have the pleasure of seeing her, she lights up the room with her welcoming spirit and smile that stretches from ear to ear. Mrs. Weaver has acted as sort of a second mom for me at Shattuck. Whenever I have been sick or needed something, she has always gone out of her way to help not only me, but anyone else in need. A great example of this is one time when I passed my U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medal Freeskate test, one of the biggest accomplishments in figure skating, she went out of her way to celebrate with me just like my mom would have, if she had been able to be here in Minnesota with me. Mrs. Weaver did not even know that I had actually been very sad not to have been able to share that moment with my family, and she still took me to Dairy Queen and celebrated with me, which made the day so much better. I am so honored to know Mrs. Weaver and I am thankful for people like her at Shattuck.

Mr. Yerhot is a staff member that helps with the maintenance of the ice rink. Since my first year at Shattuck, Mr. Yerhot is always at the rink exactly at five in the morning, making sure everything is ready for the figure skating, hockey, and soccer practices. Even if I’m tired or in a bad mood, I can always count on a genuine smile and greeting each morning from him. He works really hard and rarely gets acknowledged for it, but regardless, he always smiles and treats everyone politely. I admire his hard work, and his outlook on life.

One teacher at Shattuck who inspires me is Mr. Walker. I usually don’t ever have classes that genuinely excite me, or that I want to work on outside of class, but taking photography with Mr. Walker did just that. His passion for photography inspired me to really get into it, and see all the possibilities that it has to offer. Now it’s something that I consider a hobby of mine, and it’s all thanks to him.