Community Members Inspire Sportsmanship, Passion, and Guidance

September 22, 2016

Additional SSM seniors share who inspires them on campus.

We asked Shattuck-St. Mary’s seniors to reflect on a faculty or staff member in the SSM community who inspires them, and feature several of their responses below.

“A person who inspires me in this community is the boys midget AA coach, Coach Horstman. During my sophomore year, Coach Horstman taught me a valuable lesson that changed my perspective on being a teammate. He continues to inspire me to control my emotions and channel my competitiveness in a positive way. He also taught me that being a good teammate is just as important as being a good player. These lessons have inspired me to be a better man, and a better teammate.”

“When I heard about this question, Ms. Brown’s face appeared in my head right away. Even though she left last year, her positive influence on me is still lasting. Last year, I was caught in my anxiety from all kinds of stress that I put on myself. My mood flowed like a rollercoaster, but I did not know how to deal with it. Ms. Brown came into my life as a listener and guide at this time. She would patiently listen to me when I was venting out my troubles and worries and she would provide me some subtle but useful life lessons that gradually helped me walk out of my shadow. Ms. Brown is truly the kindest, and most inspirational person I’ve ever met in my life. It was my luck to meet her at Shattuck.”

Dr. LaLiberty inspires me because she is so passionate about what she does. Her excitement for science never leaves and she is always ready to help me understand concepts better. Dr. LaLiberty shows us all that if you are passionate about something, you should show it.”