My Favorite Place: Finding Community and Peace

September 21, 2016

SSM seniors share their favorite spots on campus.

SSM seniors were recently asked to identify their favorite places on campus. Below are some of their responses.

The one place that has become a favorite spot would be the Red Carpet. It is one of the places that brings the public into Shattuck, and is a place that shows and brings the community together. It has become a favorite place because a great group of people come together while on it.

My favorite spot on campus has to be in the small blue portion of the ice rink. It is my home, and no one else can be there with me. I chose this spot because here at Shattuck, we are constantly surrounded by our friends and faculty. On the ice, in my crease, is one of the few places I can put everything and everyone out of my head for a little while and just be with myself. It may seem crazy that one of the fastest games on Earth can be peaceful, but I can’t even start to think of an alternative.

My favorite spot on campus is the library. I love how quiet it is, especially on Saturday mornings. There are plenty of books to read and they play classical music sometimes.