ScholarShift Stories: Students Take Time to Run, Reflect at River Bend

September 28, 2016

Module brings students to the trails of the River Bend Nature Center for a series of running and reflection sessions.

SSM students gathered for a ScholarShift module at River Bend Nature Center on Wednesday, September 28 for the first of several running and reflection sessions. Students began their morning running the trails of the Nature Center, stopping periodically at landmarks such as Honor Point to observe and gather their thoughts.

Following the trail runs, students entered the Interpretive Center to reflect on what they observed during their visit, and more importantly, what they felt. Each participant wrote for 5-10 minutes before a brief group discussion period and departure.

Students also learned about the perspectives of Dr. George Sheehan, an exemplary runner, New York Times bestselling author, and philosopher who was renowned for his ability to communicate the mental and spiritual benefits of running. Participating students will meet twice more, on Wednesday, October 5 and Monday, October 10.

Pictured: Ms. Wolf with participating SSM module students at River Bend Nature Center.

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