Like Being on a Mountain

October 03, 2016

SSM students recognize their favorite views and locations on campus.

SSM seniors were recently asked to identify their favorite places on campus. Below are some of their responses.

“My favorite spot on campus is the track field. I would always go for a run to release my stress when it’s nice out, and I do enjoy the nice view from the track.”

“My favorite spot on campus is the Crow’s Nest. This location resonates with me because it is the highest point I can get to in the school that is accessible. Its distance from most places throughout the School makes it a quiet place where I can study without distraction, but isn’t the library so I can still be a little noisy. Additionally, you can look out over Parade Field and the clock tower from a bird’s eye view, which is like being on a mountain at home.”

“My favorite spot on campus is sitting on the futon in my room with my roommates. Due to how our room is arranged, this spot and the area surrounding it makes it feel like a room within a room. This gives me a sense of comfort and “hominess.” At this spot, I can always find my roommates and closest friends playing FIFA, watching TV, or just talking. This gives me a sense of family when I am far away from mine.”


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