BioScience Students Address Politics in Health Care

October 13, 2016

Students travel to University of Minnesota for presentation on how to address politics as a health care professional.

Photo courtesy of University of Minnesota’s Institute for Advanced Study

Shattuck-St. Mary’s School BioScience students explored the issue of politics in the field of health care during a presentation entitled “Reframing the Dialogue: Racism and Police Violence,” held on Wednesday, October 12 at the University of Minnesota.

During the presentation, Dr. Rupa Marya used statistics, personal experiences as a physician in the San Francisco Bay Area, and theory to examine why politics, police brutality, and racism are issues that health care professionals must address. Marya argued against the practice of avoiding the study of such issues when “the data is rigorous and the correlations are strong.”

Dr. Marya received her MD from Georgetown University in 2002, and currently serves as a hospitalist at the University of California, San Francisco. She works to make public health issues such as health disparities and the nexus of racism and police violence visible through presentations, activism, and international outreach featuring her band “Rupa and the April Fishes.”