Vocal Performance Students Shine in Hansel and Gretel Opera

November 20, 2014

This November, two SSM Vocal Performance students participated in the Minnesota Opera’s production of Hansel & Gretel.

MacKenzie Clymer ’18 and Lisa Lilyerd ’19 were part of the children’s ensemble and played various roles, including gingerbread children and depression children.

Mackenzie wrote this about her experience, “We had people come from New York and Texas to be in this production. It was an absolute privilege working with such professional singers! They used such expression in the roles. I know when people come to watch these productions, they are entranced by the staging. Until you look out from the other end of the stage called the ‘singers view,’ you don’t know what real magic looks like. The walls of the inside of the theatre are caressed by golden paint, that shines and looks like a million stars are right in front of your eyes. It was beautiful and I can never shake the feeling of belonging anywhere else. I hope in the future more people in Vocal Performance can experience what I did every performance. A sense of true beauty and magic, and the sound of hard work coming into something graceful and entrancing.”

  • Image courtesy of the Minnesota Opera
    Photo by Michal Daniel

Location: Minnesota Opera