Election Day Reflections

November 10, 2016

SSM students reflect on voting for the first time.

Several Shattuck-St. Mary’s School students cast their first official ballots on Tuesday. We caught up with a few students to learn about their Election 2016 experiences. 

“I thought that voting yesterday was important because it is the first time that I was able to exercise the right that I was given. For me, the best part of participating in the election was that I was able to cast my vote and give my opinion. It has been interesting to see how as election day has drawn closer, politics have started to be incorporated into majority of the conversations among the people I am surrounded by.”

- Mya Vu ’17

“Casting my vote is important to me because I believe that voting is not just supporting a single candidate or party. I believe voting to be supporting the will of the people as one of the most important factors and successes in American history. 

When participating in the U.S. political process for the first time, I had the most fun in doing research and looking into each of the candidates. I enjoyed looking at their perspectives on different topics and what their motivation is to take this nation down a new path. I don’t think there was anything that stood out to me as being unenjoyable. 

I found the debates to be the most interesting. They were interesting to watch because the candidates have a minimal amount of time to think about the question and they are required to respond in real time. Because of this I found the answers to be more of a direct reflection of their stance on the topic than an ad or commercial where time is put in to these ideas to convey a certain message.”

- Nash Mahler ’17


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