Preparing For Final Exams

November 14, 2016

SSM students share their thoughts and strategies on studying for final exams.

On the eve of fall term exams, we asked a few SSM students how they prepare for finals.

“As an athlete, this is really a time for me to focus in on my studies and put everything else aside, because the academics are rigorous here.” 

- Taylor Durall ’17

“I go over everything I’ve learned and try to get plenty of sleep leading into exams. Afterwards, I put my backpack away and try not to look at it until after break!”

- Dana Blessum ’17

“I make myself a schedule so that I don’t study too much in one area. It’s also important to schedule breaks. On the day of finals, I try to just take things as they are and relax and do my best.”

- Rachel Wegfahrt ’18

“It’s important to make note cards and study guides. I also like to study before I go to bed. I feel like it helps.” 

- Kaylee O’Connor ’18

“Sleep is big for me. I also eat brain food, I’m going to eat avocado tonight, it’s sort of a good luck thing. Lastly, I try to write things down, any key points from my classes during the last few weeks, and go over old exams.”

- Jared Blessum ’18

“What helps me is to pretend I’m teaching the class and to repeat things over and over. After exams, I try to stay positive and remember that I did the best I could.”

- Lisa Lilyerd ’19

“I try to focus on my weak areas without taking my best subjects for granted.”

- Chatawate (Flame) Ruethaimetapat ’17

“I make a lot of note cards and test myself using Quizlet to see where I stand.” 

- Makenna Webster ’20

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