Merry, Merry Ugly Sweater

December 11, 2014

Merry Ugly Sweater

A certain number of our gutsy students and faculty braved ridicule and embarrassment to don “ugly” Christmas sweaters on Wednesday – though I have to admit, some of them were pretty cute. I mean, Coach Eaves in his “all-in-one” shirt, tie, sweater t-shirt looks pretty spiffy. Put a cup of egg nog in his hand and he’d be perfect for any holiday gathering. Or, Valeria in her furry cat sweater with 3-D snowballs – she would light up any room and please the felines hanging out under the tree. Mr. Simons chose to plug a favorite team, which makes his sweater truly repugnant to most people, especially the Minnesotans. His party invites might be more limited. And, William, along with Mr. Peck and others, appears to have raided a sister’s or mother’s closet for his form-fitting festive vest. Who wouldn’t want these self-effacing gents mingling with their guests? If it were me, I’d invite them all and I’d have them pay for the privilege of looking ridiculous. Then I would donate that money to Faribault’s Toys for Tots. Hmm, sounds like a good idea I heard somewhere….

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