My Resolution is...

January 06, 2017

Students and other members of the SSM community share their New Year’s resolutions.

Several Shattuck-St. Mary’s students recently shared their New Year’s resolutions for 2017.


“To say hi to more people in the halls.”

- Kate Reilly ’19


“To be a happier person.”

- Gwyn Wilkens ’17


“My resolution is to focus more on my academics, to be a better brother and son, and to be more devout.”

- DJ Guillory ’18


“Joie de vivre.” 

- Upper School Administrative Assistant Mary Weaver


“To be more positive.”

Sao Kimura Tomida ’17


“My resolution is to be YouTube famous.”

- Julia Yancy ’18


“I want to be nicer to people and get to know everyone in the Upper School.” Tony Huerta-Apanco ’18


“To smile more.”

- Megan Ryan ’17


“To get into my dream school.”

- Max Pranompont ’17


“I hope to stop cracking my knuckles so much.”

-John Curran ’17


“To get better at ping-pong.”

- Leizl Chavez ’18


“To get into college.” 

- Kenadie Cain ’17

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