SSM Families: The Mahlers

January 16, 2017

“We feel fortunate to not only live under one roof but for all of us to work under one roof as well.”  - Mel Mahler

It took about six months for the Mahler (pronounced MAY-ler) family to fully reassemble when they transitioned to life at SSM. First came Mel Mahler – Head Coach of the Boys U16 Development Academy Soccer team – arriving in January of 2015. Mel hit the ground running with coaching and recruiting. His spouse, Karin, and their son Nash arrived later that summer so that Nash could enroll at SSM as a member of the Class of 2017 and pursue his passion for soccer. Their college-aged daughter, Zoe, eventually found her way to her family’s new home.  “We were embraced by the Shattuck-St. Mary’s community the minute we moved on campus,” said Karin. “It’s true it is a community. We were helped by Mike Miller at the St. James campus, the many helpful hands of the gentlemen in facilities, and we got to know the ladies in Morgan Refectory who we easily now call ‘friends.’ So many people are important to the friendly and helpful personality of SSM and we have enjoyed getting to know many of them within the diverse occupations on campus.” 

The Mahlers are not idle people. It wasn’t long before Karin found full-time work in the Admissions Office in January 2016. She is on the “front lines” of welcoming families to campus and shepherding students and their parents through the application process. Nash worked on the Grounds Crew last summer and Zoe joined the Marketing and Communications team last spring when they were short handed. Karin proctors all the on-campus testing and serves as a site representative for weddings in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. And when there’s time, she and Nash sign up to webcast games. “The motto ‘ALL IN’ really fits as our family has been pulled into the fold,” said Karin, speaking for her family. And, lucky for SSM, the Mahlers have not resisted that SSM pull but leaned right into it!

“We feel fortunate to not only live under one roof but for all of us to work under one roof as well,” Mel adds. “It’s truly a joy to have our family together and being a part of each other’s lives as we go through the daily school day.”