ScholarShift Stories: Cross Country Skiing

January 17, 2017

Students learn to cross country ski at Highland Lake Reserve Park.

On Friday, January 13, a group of Shattuck-St. Mary’s students braved single-digit temperatures and traveled to cross country ski at the Highland Lake Reserve Park in Bloomington, Minn. Led by History Instructor Rich Bailey, the trip was part of a recent ScholarShift module.

The park features one of the best cross country skiing facilities in Minnesota, complete with professional grooming, ski rentals and a 5K snowmaking loop. Most students had never skied before, and took a group lesson, spending more than two hours learning about basic techniques and skills. 

The park instructors were amazing, and by the end of the day students were cruising on flats, ascending and descending large hills, and turning and stopping capably. Several students commented how this lesson made it possible to go out again, and many expressed a desire to ski again very soon.