CoE Students Attend Convocation at Carleton College

January 17, 2017

Founder of Love146 presents on fighting injustice, ending child trafficking and exploitation.

Members of Shattuck-St. Mary’s The Major and BioScience Centers of Excellence attended a convocation focused on efforts to end child trafficking at Carleton College on Friday, January 13.

The convocation was led by Rob Morris, president and co-founder of Love146, an organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through preventative education and survivor care.

His presentation, entitled The Modern Day Abolitionist: What it Takes for Everyday People to Fight Injustice, sought to grow the movement to end child trafficking while providing thoughtful, effective solutions.

Carleton College’s weekly convocation series is a shared campus experience that brings students, faculty, and staff together for one hour for a lecture or presentation from specialists in a variety of fields. The goal of the convocation series is to stimulate thought and conversation on a wide range of subjects.