ScholarShift from a Student’s Perspective: A Host of Modules

January 23, 2017

by Misa Patel ’18

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” On that note, I think this idea was taken into consideration when modules were created. Being an inquisitive person, I have always wanted to learn more. I was the pestering student in the class who always seemed to never stop asking questions. However, the school structure only allows you to ask questions and have experiences in an academic setting; the creation of modules has allowed me learn new skills or have conversations that I normally would not have in a classroom setting.

To begin with, I have done around a dozen modules (double the requirement) and somehow managed to convince teachers to let me miss class for them. Each was as different as the next and some were more fun, while others more educational, but I learned something important from each one. My first term, my favorite module was the Race Exhibit at the Science Museum. Being a person of color, race had always been a huge part of my life; it was something I lived through. This module allowed me to detach myself on a personal level and see its scientific aspects. It was something that society had created, a social construct; this idea completely changed my view and astonished me that humans literally created racism. The opportunity to learn that and experience it with my friends was amazing. It was even more amazing to know that this exhibit was right here in Minnesota. I am a proud New Jersey native and have never been keen on Minnesota, but these trips show me how many things the state has to offer outside these Shattuck walls.

Although not all trips were as far away, my following term I consequently learned about life in Faribault. I have spent several days going downtown to Bluebird, a local bakery, and never stopped to think about the skill it takes to make cupcakes. During Ms. Scheel’s cake decorating module, we had an opportunity to meet with the head baker and learn to decorate cakes. We were taught different methods of using the right tips, making flowers and borders. I really appreciated the experience because cake making is a lifelong skill. In addition, it was nice to play around with food since we don’t really have a kitchen for students to use at Shattuck. All these modules, whether it be cake decorating or simply a trip to a museum, are educational in teaching life skills; however, the greater thing about it is it makes being a boarding student a lot easier. You get to have experiences and go places beyond Shattuck, Walmart, and downtown Faribault. It makes you appreciate it all a lot more.

Some of the Modules completed:

  • Election USA 2016 - Ms. Osborne
  • What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? - Ms. Caveiller
  • Correlation vs Causation - Ms. Molter
  • Creative Memoir and The House on Mango Street - Mr. Cavellier
  • Race: Are We Really so Different? - Ms. Moyer/ Ms. Osborne
  • Representing a Historical Period Through Representative Artifact - Ms. Hayward and Honors Program
  • Cake Decorating - Ms. Scheel
  • MLK Concert at @ St.Joan of Arc Church - Ms. Vagle
  • Film Studies Topic: The Gaze - Ms. Isurin