SSM’s Got Talent

January 30, 2017

Students showcase their skills during a Spirit Week Talent Show.

The excitement was palpable as several students showcased their skills and abilities at the Shattuck-St. Mary’s Talent Show on Thursday, January 26 in the Johnson Gymnasium.

Appearing in front of the student body decked out in their distinctive class colors, performers did their best to play to the crowd and showcase their diverse skills. Acts included a variety of musical performances, yo-yo stunts, improbable apple destroying abilities, and a student who attempted to conquer the water bottle flip challenge.

The Talent Show capped a week of festivities for SSM students, and was preceded by Monday’s Decade Day, Tuesday’s Superhero Day, Wednesday’s Winter Family Weekend Shirt Day, and Thursday’s Class Color Day.

The event, which was held in place of a Spirit Week Pep Rally, was a big hit and a great way to lead into Winter Family Weekend.

For a complete photo gallery, visit the SSM Flickr page.