Passion for Music Highlights Latest Deep Dive

March 23, 2017

Upper School Math/Science Teacher Maggie Molter shares her journey as a musician during the latest “Deep Dive and Dessert” in weCreate.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Upper School Math and Science Teacher Maggie Molter shared her journey as a musician during the latest installment of the “Deep Dive and Dessert” series on Wednesday, March 22 in weCreate. 

During the session entitled “Beethoven and Bar Shows – How to be a Not-Too-Serious Musician,” Ms. Molter reflected on her early years as a self-described “total band geek” as she primarily played the trumpet and focused on classical music.

Following high school, Ms. Molter became interested in other areas of music, as she majored in music history and performance and joined several bands while she explored her shifting tastes. Moving from her classical focus to more acoustic/indie stylings, she began to play shows and record music with her classmates, both in school and during a semester abroad in Vienna, Austria.

To date, Ms. Molter has performed as a member of “The Replicas,” “The Dans,” and “Samehair,” and continues to record music and play the guitar in her spare time.

Ms. Molter shared several sample recordings of her work during the session as well, along with a music video that she recorded while visiting friends in Philadelphia over break in 2016. She also encouraged attendees to embrace and pursue their interests, even if they evolve over time.