ScholarShift Stories: An Immersive Visit to Electro-Voice

March 30, 2017

Students tour facility, participate in learning session at Electro-Voice.

A group of 15 Shattuck-St. Mary’s juniors visited and participated in a learning session at Electro-Voice, an industry-leading audio technology company based in Burnsville, Minn. on Friday, March 24.

The ScholarShift module included a tour of the Burnsville facility, including exposure to E-V’s speaker testing labs and anechoic chamber, followed by a Mediterranean lunch in the Twin Cities area.

Below, several attending students shared their thoughts on this enriching day.

“My favorite part of the Audio Design and Technology module was being able to go in the anechoic chamber. The room was incredible and it was great to learn about the specially designed floor and walls that create the perfectly silent room. A new thing that I learned was that companies use an online/virtual product testing simulation on their computers, saving them the time and money from actually building and testing every product they make.”

- Evan Callaghan ’18

“One thing that I learned from this module was that a lot more work goes into speakers than I ever would have thought. The horn of each speaker is made a distinct size and angle to give off music to people sitting in certain areas. It is quite amazing how expensive making a horn is and how it costs a whole day’s worth of work to make it.

“I liked being able to see new speakers that have not yet been released on the market and listening to the powerful sounds they make. The silent chamber room is also very interesting, although I wish we could have hung around long enough to hear our hearts beat.”

- Gracie Ostertag ’18

“My favorite part of the Audio Design module was the sound chamber because I found it really cool how the sound was almost gone when someone talking turned around. 

“Something that I learned was that in a theater, the people who set up the speakers angle them and set up the reaction times so that the person in the front row receives the same sound quality as the person in the back.”

- Courtney Vorster ’18