More tales about our pets

February 06, 2015

Feeling Better with Bentley

From Anika Kapoor ’21

I have a dog as a pet. I got him about a year ago. He is a Yorkie, and just turned one in December. I remember one heartwarming story of when he comforted me. Last year I had the flu, and I was really tired, so I was lying down on the couch. He started out just barking at me, because he wanted to play, but then he realized that I was tired, and hopped on the couch with me. I was very happy that he wanted to make me feel better, since my mom and my brother had something to do. He warms me up when I’m cold, and makes me laugh when I’m sad. I know that a pet can be annoying, and crazy at times, but I know that my pet will always be there for me, when I need attention. To me he is the most loyal, lovable, and caring dog.

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