ScholarShift Stories: Social Entrepreneurship

April 13, 2017

Students visit Carmichael Lynch and Art Buddies as they learn more about the concept of social entrepreneurship.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s students received a behind-the-scenes look at two Twin Cities-area businesses that utilize the principles of social entrepreneurship to strengthen their communities during a ScholarShift module on Wednesday, April 12.

Social entrepreneurship is defined as the use of techniques by start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund, and implement solutions to social, cultural, and environmental issues. 

With that concept in mind, students first visited Carmichael Lynch, an award-winning creative agency based in Minneapolis that serves clients such as Subaru, Jack Link, and GNC, where they met with Office Services Manager Laura Norton. Students also learned more about the organization’s devotion to fostering a strong work culture that advocates responsibility, education, and sustainability, and how that element fits into their overall business model.

In addition to that focus, Carmichael Lynch also provides office space and support for Art Buddies, an arts non-profit that partners creative arts mentors with elementary school students in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Established in 1994, Art Buddies has paired creative professionals in the fields of advertising, graphic design, photography, illustration, and architecture one-on-one, primarily as an after-school program. Scott Mikesh, executive director of Art Buddies, met with students to discuss the mission and purpose of the organization before they headed to Bancroft Elementary School to see the program in action.