ScholarShift Stories: Orfield Labs and Sound 80 Recording Studio

April 21, 2017

Students learn more about spatial design, visit first digital recording studio during visit to Orfield Laboratories.

If you were designing a living space for people with autism, what would you consider? What kind of lighting, or sound?

Orfield Laboratories (OL) has been working in psychological acoustics, lighting, and thermal comfort for more than 40 years, and Shattuck-St. Mary’s students had the opportunity to tour the Minneapolis facility and meet with OL President Steve Orfield during a recent ScholarShift module on Wednesday, April 19.

During their visit to the Lab and with Orfield, students learned more about spatial design, toured OL’s Reverberation Room and Anechoic Chamber, and stopped by the Sound 80 Recording Studio which is housed in the same building. Sound 80 was the first digital recording studio, and the likes of Bob Dylan, Prince, Cat Stevens, and The Suburbs have recorded there.

Students also stopped for lunch at the Midtown Global Market during the module.