The pet tales keep coming…

February 09, 2015

Hailey tells about her popcorn-loving Sammy.

From Hailey Peters ’21


I will be telling you about my old dog Sammy. Sammy was a black lab who loved popcorn. Unfortunately she is no longer living. There are many funny stories about her but the most memorable one is when she knocked down the Christmas tree trying to get some popcorn.

We were going to school and we called Sammy to her kennel and she wouldn’t come. We heard her jump five times and then we heard a crash. We ran into the living room and she was lying down eating all of the popcorn off of the tree. We had a really big mess to clean up and Sammy knew it when she stopped eating the popcorn and looked up at us. She gave us the “what did I do face?” and we all said, “Sammy,” and I did not have to go to pre-school that day.