The pet tales keep coming…

February 10, 2015

The evolution of Daisy

From Aaron Osborne ’21


I love my dog Daisy because she helps me when I’m in a bad mood or feeling bad. When my family adopted her in January 2013 she was only nine months old now she is almost three years old. We adopted her from Prairie’s Edge Humane Society in Faribault. When we got her they said someone just dropped her off and said her name and nothing else.


When we first got her she was really shy and she didn’t bark for about a month, but when she first met my neighbors dog she went crazy. A few months before we got her, my mom was really not thinking about getting a dog at all. But a few months later we convinced my dad so my mom finally agreed. Now my dog isn’t very shy anymore and she usually likes everyone she meets and she is really friendly. She is also really playful and fun.