Surgical Simulations Provide BioSci Students with Medical School Experience

May 01, 2017

Students perform realistic, hands-on surgical tasks during simulations at the University of Minnesota’s Medical School.

Utilizing access to simulation technology typically reserved for collegiate medical school students, members of the Shattuck-St. Mary’s BioScience Center of Excellence had the opportunity to remove organs, examine heart beats, and respond to trauma victims during a trip to the University of Minnesota’s Medical School Simulation Center (SimPORTAL) on Friday, April 28. 

This unique experience allowed participating students to learn how to properly place a tourniquet on a severe trauma victim, locate radical and femoral pulses, respirations, and heart beats using the SimMan 3G, and remove a gallbladder using laparoscopic methods at the Center.

The SimPORTAL was created to develop more skillful doctors through realistic simulations that replicate specific human functions and utilize new techniques and tools. 

The environment of the skills suites duplicate a real hospital inpatient, emergency and operating rooms, all of which are equipped with patient care equipment and technology. This detailed replication allows for full immersion into the simulation, setting such training apart from simple demonstration and practice learning.