A Day in the Life of a Golf COE Member

May 02, 2017

by Evan Callaghan ’17

Although the Golf COE here at Shattuck-St. Mary’s isn’t as popular as the Hockey or Soccer COEs, there are many talented golfers here at SSM. There are twenty-three golf Center of Excellence members. We compete in tournaments throughout the whole year, all over the U.S.. Being a part of the SSM Golf COE is a huge advantage for us because of the amazing coaches we have and our world-class practice facilities very close to campus.

Every school day, we practice for two school periods. At the Legacy Golf Club, we utilize the driving range, the short game practice area, the indoor hitting bays, and our own indoor training facility. Another advantage of having a golf course very close to campus is that we get to play unlimited golf at the Legacy. During practice, after school, and on weekends we take advantage of this privilege, playing whenever we get the chance. As competition is a very important factor in golf, every round we play together is accompanied by some kind of stake, usually in the form of cash, or a great meal from the Legacy Grill.

So far this year, we’ve travelled to Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and Illinois where we’ve had the privilege to play in big tournaments and play amazing golf courses. On trips, we always bond as a team. We compete individually, but we’re all very close to each other. Together, we play practice rounds, eat meals, do school work, and take long rides to the golf course. Being able to get off-campus to compete against very good golfers from all over the U.S. and get the attention of college coaches through our national tournaments is a huge advantage we have here in the Golf COE.

Hopefully this provided an insight into the life of a golf COE member, and encourages you to check out the golf COE!

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