ScholarShift Stories: Hiking the Superior Trail

May 04, 2017

Students adopt section of the Superior Hiking Trail, assist with Trail maintenance, and enjoy majestic beauty of Lake Superior during two-day trip north.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s students took experiential learning to a new level on April 28-30 during a two-day trip north as they adopted a section of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) and camped in the serene setting of Lake Superior as part of a ScholarShift module. 

Led by History Instructor Rich Bailey, the group assisted the SHT Association with trail maintenance on both sides of Rollins Creek. The Trail extends for more than 250 miles along the North Shore of Lake Superior, from Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth, Minn., to the Canadian border near Grand Portage, Minn.

Their responsibilities included clearing the trail of debris, pruning encroaching plants, digging out fire pits, and reporting items that require more intense maintenance to the trail association.

The group also enjoyed the beautiful landscape during their trip as they hiked the Oberg Mountain loop, viewed a variety of wildlife, and enjoyed sunny days and breathtaking views of the stars at night.

“I thought the hike along the Oberg Mountain loop was amazing,” said Amanda DeShane ’18. “It was definitely one of the prettiest places I have ever been to.”

The trip was a chilly one, with temperatures dipping into the 20s at night, but a roaring fire, warm sleeping bags, melted chocolate, and roasted marshmallows helped the group through the cold. Overall, the group had a great time serving, telling stories and playing games by the campfire, and did a great job with their camp and trail responsibilities.

For additional trip photos, visit the SSM Flickr page