ScholarShift Stories: Crafting Sushi Rolls

May 05, 2017

Students join Director of Food Services Linda Barral to create sushi from scratch in Morgan Refectory.

Ever wonder about the techniques and methods that go into creating beautiful, tasty, and diverse types of sushi? Shattuck-St. Mary’s students, faculty, and staff members received a crash course from Director of Food Services Linda Barral as they created several styles of sushi rolls from scratch during a ScholarShift module on Friday, May 5 in Morgan Refectory. 

During the first module session, students viewed the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” and enjoyed a sushi meal. Then on Friday, students entered Morgan Refectory to create their own sushi offerings, learning the proper techniques to create, craft, and present each style of sushi.

From rolling the perfect ball of rice to properly wrapping and presenting each roll, attendees learned the proper way to prepare several styles of sushi. Offerings included California rolls, simple nigiri, and temaki among others. 

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