And here is another pet tale…

February 16, 2015

Noah’s Crazy Clover

From Noah Carlson ’21


My pet is crazy and if you make her mad, she will nip your fingers with her little razor blade teeth. Her name is Clover. And even though she is crazy, it doesn’t make me hate her. But I can’t blame here because she is still really young. She eats all of my little brother’s toys. She even at a Jenga block. She loves peanut butter, just like all the other dogs. She gets very hyper if you start running. Whenever there is a knock on the door, all you hear is a dog that sounds like she would try and rip you head off, but really, she just wants to play with you.

So if you ever walk into my house, look out for a little brown lab that looks like she will rip your body apart. But do remember that she is only trying to play with someone.