Senior Bequeaths

May 08, 2017

As our seniors are busy saying their goodbyes as graduation draws near, what legacy will they leave behind for the underclassmen?
I, Clair DeGeorge, bequeath my BioScience seat to Audrey Hong, the sweetest and kindest girl on this planet.
I, Husain Al Ahbabi, bequeath my favorite type of pizza from Domino’s to Maria Victoria and Nathan Kraynyk.
I, Jon Hillesheim, bequeath the act of trying to never shave my facial hair to every guy in the school.
I, Chatawate “Flame” Ruethaimetapat, hereby bequeath my strength through adversity to DJ Guillory. Hardest time it may be, but, someday, you shall overcome. Molly Yang, and Kari Chen, I hereby impart the title of the resider of practice room to both of you. I have always admired your dedication, so please do not disappoint me.
I, Gabi Clark, can’t do it. I’m a legend.
I, Alaysia Lane, bequeath my magic to Miya Lennon and Ari Morgan.
I, Max Pranompont bequeath the taste of Thai hot sauce to Kevin Guo. Taste it carefully because it can burn your mouth.
I, Devin Gettman, gladly bequeath my frisbee talent to Thomas Lalonde.
I, Jason Lee, bequeath my soccer uniform to Jay Lim.
I, Damien Robbins, bequeath my seat at the head of the table in the dining hall to Timmy Shicky.
I, Katie Commins, bequeath my role as recipient of Coach Joe’s sarcastic comments at GK practice to Riley Roberts and Bailey Friday.
I, Anthony Stark, bequeath my jokes, sense of humor, and intelligence to Noah Prokop.
I, Maddie Mills, bequeath my spot next to the speaker in the weight room to Gracie Ostertag.
I, Maclean Braun bequeath my spot in lower Shumway to Lucas Humel.
I, Griffin Xu, bequeath my favorite spot in the art room to Ahn Ho.
I, Peter Brown, bequeath my frisbee skills to Thomas Lalonde.
I, Suzi Quigg, bequeath my crazy curly hair to Autumn Coulthard, I hope you have the best next two years.
I, Kyle Robbins, bequeath my napping skills to Zach Gedal.
I, Wan Yoo, hereby bequeath the diligence of 5K club to James Zhao.
I, Abigail Hansen, bequeath leaving notes around the school for people to Laura Aldana.
I, Yasmin Abdullahi, bequeath Diversity Club to Misa Patel, Tony Huerta-Apanco, and Kelly Zhou. Keep the dream alive. Stay woke.
I, Preston Kostlan, bequeath 20 bucks underneath one of the seats whereby everybody eats to any lucky duck that finds where it’s tucked.
I, Marian Xu, bequeath my spot in Upper Kingham to Claudia Kim.
I, Jett Larson, bequeath my English and basketball skills to Kent Lee.
I, Maria Sevilla, bequeath my favorite homework spot on the Red Carpet to Maria Chirinos.
I, Maureen Murphy, bequeath my workouts to Ally Simpson.
I, Guinevere Wilkens, bequeath my knowledge of every song ever to Julia Yancy.
I, Lauren Dudley, bequeath BioScience to Julia Yancy.
I, Jessie Ro, bequeath the best luck to Nancy Jia with whatever you do in your life and to everything you love. Thank you for being my friend, partner, and sister in whatever we did together. Be yourself just the way you are, because you are wonderful. I love you and I am going to miss you so much! ❤
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