Skating Show: “Disney’s Magic On Ice”

May 08, 2017

Rachel Wegfahrt  ’18

The Shattuck-St. Mary’s Figure Skating COE is a very fun and diverse program that SSM offers. The director of the program, Tom Hickey, leads our team to accomplish our goals and dreams through this program. Along with other coaching staff members Annette Hickey, Sandra Johansson, Carrie Tinkelenberg, Sarah France, Caryn Kadavy, and guest coach Jimmie Santee, we have all worked together as a family to achieve our medals at competitions, passing tests, and to put together amazing ice shows!

In the 2016-17 season, the Figure Skating COE has accomplished many things from ice shows to test sessions and competitions! This season, our team had many gold, silver, and bronze placements at our competitions. At regionals in October of 2016, our team had a total of four gold, four silver, and two bronze medalists, as well as five girls who made it to the final round in their event and obtaining two golds, one silver, bronze, and pewter trophies. All together, from a total of four competitions that our team has attended, we have earned about 41 gold, 33 silver, 19 bronze, and a few pewter medals. Our Synchronized Figure Skating COE, Team Sabres, has come a long way also, earning a ninth-place spot at the National Championships. Our test sessions have been very successful additionally with two of our skaters passing their Senior Gold tests and 5 other skaters passing their Senior Solo Dances and adding a gold medalist title to their names.

Now that the competition season has ended for our Figure Skating COE, our team puts together a spring ice show to end our year with a bang. This year’s production is “Disney’s Magic on Ice”, We have a variety of Disney characters in our show from Belle to Lilo to Moana and more! Our numbers are a collaboration of our coach Annette Hickey’s choreography and a few of our skaters in our COE who have stepped up to put together some of the numbers as well. We had a great turnout for our winter ice show in December and are expecting even more for this spectacular show!

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