A weCreate Success Story: Catching Up With Gabrielle Garbe ’13

June 13, 2017

Currently working as a creative intern in New York City, Garbe reflects on her time at SSM and looks ahead to a bright career in the industry.

From her time at Shattuck-St. Mary’s as an ambitious student interested in the visual arts to her current role as a brand and design intern in New York City, Gabrielle Garbe ’13 is unequivocally a weCreate success story.

Garbe, who designed and produced the introductory video that welcomes visitors to the weCreate landing page on the SSM website earlier this spring, arrived on campus as a 10th-grader in 2011 with an equal passion for soccer and art.

While engaged in visual arts courses and the Soccer Center of Excellence early in her SSM tenure, Garbe recalls a turning point during an exchange with Visual and Performing Arts Chair Johnnie Walker during a drawing class. Frustrated by her lack of progress in this particular area, Walker suggested that Garbe focus on the creative process of her work, rather than the specific technical skill of drawing.

“That interaction has always stood out in my mind and helped me become more creative,” Garbe said. “The question of how to make something more artistic, or different.”

Working on the school yearbook also sparked an interest in design and layout for Garbe, but it was the opening of weCreate in the fall of 2012 that truly stimulated her passion for working in the creative arts.

“Once weCreate was built, I just dove in to the Adobe Create Suite programs, especially Photoshop. That’s really where it started for me,” Garbe said. “I watched so many tutorials in my free time, after school and after practices; I would spend hours in there. I just remember it being fun.”

The same desire to pursue a balance of academics and athletics that brought her to SSM led Garbe to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where she graduated in 2017 with a degree in Motion Media Design, a discipline that encompasses several aspects of design, animation, and production and has been a great fit for her skill set.

Following graduation, Garbe has hit the ground running, as she secured a summer internship with Gretel, a full-service brand and design agency based in New York City with a client list that includes Google, Apple, and Netflix among others that began in May. Moving forward, she aspires to translate her work experience into a leadership role within a creative department, or perhaps even start her own agency.

“I think that after learning about the process of design and how that works within a company, I’d like to become an art or creative director,” Garbe said.

Garbe also shared her hopes for weCreate moving forward, seeing it as a place for students with different creative skill sets to gather and work together on collaborative projects.

“Something that they really stressed at SCAD and across the industry is the ability for people to collaborate. I hope that the space can continue to bring people together,” Garbe said.

For additional information on weCreate and to view Garbe’s introductory video, please visit the SSM weCreate landing page.