ScholarShift Stories: Meeting the Ukrainian Ambassador

May 18, 2017

Students enjoy a conversation with Ukrainian Ambassador Valeriy Chaly during event on Monday, May 15

Shattuck-St. Mary’s students seized another opportunity to meet with and learn from an international diplomat, as they attended an event featuring Ukrainian Ambassador Valeriy Chaly at the Minneapolis Club on Monday, May 15. 

Caught between East and West, Ukraine has recently emerged as a flashpoint in the increasingly tense relationship between the United States and Russia. At the event, entitled “Ukraine at a Crossroads: A Meeting with Ambassador Chaly,” Chaly discussed the internal and external forces that are affecting not only Ukraine’s future, but also the stability and security of the entire region. 

Prior to his role as Ambassador, Chaly served as Deputy Head of the Administration under President Petro Poroshenko, and as a supervisor for foreign policy, international law, and security programs at the Razumkov Centre, a leading Ukrainian think tank. 

The event was hosted by Global Minnesota, and presented in partnership with the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Minnesota Trade Office, Ukrainian-American Chamber of Commerce Minnesota, and the Ukrainian-American Cultural Center.