Another pet tale…

February 13, 2015

There’s Nothing Like Coming Home

From Keegan Cox ’20


I think that my dog is sort of a comfort object, or a friend that will always be there for me.

When I was about six I went on a trip. This trip lasted a about month. This trip was a lot like boarding at Shattuck. I went to a bible camp for my church. I had to go at least once in six years, and it was the last year that I could go. I went with I bunch of people that I did not know, so I was very homesick.

In the bus coming back from the camp, it was a long trip. We were in the Arrowhead in Minnesota. It was a long and boring trip, and it took four hours to get back home. When I got back home the first friend that I saw was my dog. When I saw her, all of my home sickness went away instantly. I felt an amazing feeling of comfort.