Preparing to Launch at SSM’s Catapult Camp

July 14, 2017

Participating students test and build catapults during summer camp activity.

Participating students enjoyed a day of building and testing catapults on Thursday, July 13 at Shattuck-St. Mary’s Catapult Camp.

Led by SSM’s Director of Summer Programs John Blackmer and presented by STEM at SSM, students began by working on small desktop models during the morning session. After lunch, participants headed outside to the track field, where they fired golf balls from a series of custom-made five-foot-tall floating arm trebuchets.

Under staff supervision, students would prepare the trebuchets to fire using weights, string, and a pin that participants would pull to trigger each shot. After experimenting with and adjusting several key variables that impacted how far each golf ball traveled, the groups were soon firing the balls at great heights and distances! 

For additional camp photos, visit the SSM Flickr page