Imagineering in weCreate

July 21, 2017

Students fuse science and creativity during day of activity in weCreate.

Participating students enjoyed a fusion of imagination and science during a series of activities in weCreate during Shattuck-St. Mary’s Imagineering Camp on Thursday, July 20.

During the morning, students focused on activities that encouraged and enhanced their creativity. Under the instruction of Director of weCreate Stephanie Vagle and Director of The Major Craig Peck, the group discussed the idea of creative inspiration before working on their own “Inspiration Boxes.”

After lunch, students returned to weCreate to apply that creative inspiration to a unique engineering challenge–building a roller coaster! Using foam pipe insulation, tape, and other materials, students worked on creating their very own thrill rides.

To conclude the day, students split into groups and worked with the scroll saw to cut their own custom wood designs, and crafted their own musical beats using the GarageBand computer program.