Summer Student Adventures

August 31, 2017

Read more about how SSM students spent their summer months.

While the 2017-18 Shattuck-St. Mary’s school year is upon us, we look back as several SSM students embarked on a variety of adventures over the summer. We hope that you enjoy the following summer student highlights!

Morrie ’18 and Mitch ’21 Budler.

Mitch Budler ’21 had two amazing things happen over the summer. He was selected as a goalkeeper and team captain for the U14 U.S. National Futsal team for international matches in Costa Rica, and was also selected to attend a domestic training camp in Portland, Ore.

“The highlight of my summer was being selected to represent the U.S. on the U18 Boys National Futsal Team in San Jose, Costa Rica. I competed in three international matches, scoring back-to-back goals in the first match. It was especially an honor to share the experience with my brother, Mitch ’21, who was also selected to go.”

- Morrie Budler ’18

Nancy Jia ’18 and Aiquio Chen ’18 in Los Angeles.

Aiqiao Chen ’18 and Nancy Jia ’18 traveled together to Los Angeles and stayed there for nine days after the end of the school year. They went to a lot of places in L.A. and it was really fun to travel with a buddy!

Emma de Mey ’20 with Karissa Beaston ’20 in California.

“We spent our summer driving to different beaches in California. We took drives on PCH listening to music, watching sunsets and going on piers to take pictures. We stayed at Balboa Island for two weeks enjoying the New Port beach rays and taking the ferry back and forth. We also had to make our daily coffee runs; some may know.”

-Emma de Mey ’20

Sky Hong ’20 at the Mercedes-Benz Culture Center.

Sky Hong ’20 had a great summer vacation at the Mercedes-Benz Culture Center live shows in Shanghai, China. All of the songs that were performed were the songs of Anime, and Sky helped organize a group of people to go to the shows.

Josh Kim ’18, on location in Jordan as a dental assistant.

For the past four summers, Josh Kim ’18 has traveled to Jordan to provide dental care to Syrian refugees as a dental assistant.

Michelle Nutescu ’21 in uniform.

Michelle Nutescu ’21 played hockey in Dresden, Germany for a Canadian hockey team. 


Payton Sender ’18 with new puppy, Pepin.

“This summer, I got a puppy named Pepin and my family and I took her on vacation with us to Wyoming and the Black Hills!”

- Payton Sender ’18