Dog Days of Winter

February 11, 2015

Henry Hayward tells us about life at SSM.

Hello! My name is Henry Hayward. Actually, I have several middle names, too. Sometimes my middle name is “What are you doing?”, other times it’s “Come here,” and then still other times it’s “Stop that”! I am one of two official canines of the Andreas House dormitory.

When I was two months old, I was adopted by my human and brought to live at St. Mary’s Hall. It was tough work, having over 100 human sisters! I had to take them on walks several times a day, and sometimes I even had to play with them during lunch time! At the end of the day, I met the school bus to greet everyone coming home. I was mainly paid with belly rubs and peanut butter.

Anyway, my human and I (and my two cat brothers – we have a complicated relationship) moved to the Andreas House when I was six months old. Now I run with a pack of 21 young humans! My responsibilities are endless, but mainly have to do with protecting my pack. My main nemeses are the vacuum cleaner, the trash truck, suitcases, and boys. I know, I know… You must be thinking, “But Henry! You’re a boy too!” That’s true, but I am first and foremost Andreas House Canine, and I can’t show favoritism! Except for the pizza delivery man.
He’s okay.

Henry waits for Angel to come out and play.Henry waits for Angel to come out and play.

Besides the obvious duties of barking at strangers, I also do a thorough inspection of dorm rooms when I’m allowed in. Often I have to confiscate used socks, but my human always makes me return them (this is a point of contention between us). It’s not all work, though! I make sure my humans play on a regular basis, and am always there to greet them at the door when I’m on Monday night duty. I know my presence is very important to the young humans, which is why I usually hide when my human tells me it’s time to go home.

With all that in mind, I’d have to say my favorite place on campus is the Andreas House. What could be better than sitting with your pack, watching TV, and working on a chewy bone? Well, maybe getting to keep the socks I confiscate.

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    Henry Hayward