BioScience Students Tackle Bioethics with Leading Scientist

September 14, 2017

Program students Skype with Dr. Jerome Singh on the ethical issues of genetic manipulation ahead of his keynote speech at the University of Minnesota.

BioScience Center of Excellence students had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Jerome Singh, head of Ethics and Law at the Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in South Africa, during a Skype session on Wednesday. September 13.

Dr. Singh provides Ethical, Legal, Social Issues (ELSI) support to the Gates Foundation and its partners on gene drive research and its applications, and will keynote a Center for BioEthics event on vector-borne disease and gene drive at the University of Minnesota on Friday, September 15 that SSM BioScience students will attend.

On Wednesday, he gave students a preview of his presentation, addressing whether scientists have the moral right to alter ecosystems and how to deal with reparations if field trials go wrong.

Students also had the chance to ask questions and share their thoughts on whether it is ethically “right” to genetically manipulate the genomes of organisms during a Q and A session.